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Red Bull asked us to help them out with an event here in Copenhagen last month. It was a pretty cool event actually and in a pretty interesting location. It was in the heart of Copenhagen city down by the water. At very very short notice this is what we designed and built for it.


One of the main bridges down there was raised and the whole street was shut down while we held the event. It was pretty cool I must say.

The set up was 2 quarter pipes, 1 box jump and hip set up against the bridge using it as a wallride.

Daniel Dhers was even in town for it and put on one hell of a show for us. It was amazing to see him ride in person. Flair whips, flair bars, the whole lot.

Thomas the announcer had a great spot for doing his job on. The balcony on the corner overlooking the set up was ideal for it. And Thomas did a great job on it. He is quite the personality.

Above is Jesper(right) sporting the R-R  T doing his thing on the build and Niels Thanild from Simplebikes on the left.

Heres Niels and Travis on the judges tower doing a little bit of shivering. It was quite cold up there as you got hit with all the wind. I know this as I was a judge also.

We weren`t quite sure how the bridge situation was going to work out. Redbull weren`t able to give us any indication as to what would happen once it was raised. Would we have any grounding where it lifted, at what angle would it end at etc. So all we could do was bring a bunch of extra timber and hope the situation wasn`t going to be too ridiculous. It worked out great and Daniel dhers was going so big on it. This is by no means his biggest wallride of the day. This was just the pic I managed to get.

The bridge as the back drop for the podium was a nice touch and of course Dhers takes the win.


link below to video edit ( Daniel dhers winning runs)


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