We have just finished our latest Bowl project and are quite happy with the results. Turning yet another empty hole of a blank canvas into quite the riding structure.

Given the site restrictions and relative budget restrictions we still maximized  the ramps potential and gave Roskilde festival the best ramp we could possibly give them.

Given the size of the budget, we were faced with some choices to make. To either build a ramp small enough so that it could be presented completely surfaced in brand new skatelite, or build a very large ramp with big shapes in it and re use some of the old skatelite to allow us to do this. I figured the second option was the right decision to be making for all concerned, especially the ramp.

The results were incredible. The ramp looks amazing and gives you a very unique feeling/sense when riding it. All the shapes and hips of the ramp are all clearly defined allowing you to go straight in there and hit it hard the minute you drop in, rather than the usual semi blindness when everything is the one color.

(below) pic was taken before platform painting was finished.

There are 4 regular hips in this bowl design, 2 Volcanoes, 2 x 150 degree corners and the rest just regular 90 degree corners, with a healthy mix of tall and not so small. Both sides of the bowl can actually function as 2 separate bowls on any given busy busy busy day, as they have self containing lines within them.

We also escalated one of the 8ft tall corners just to bring a different vibe to one side of the bowl and to keep a continuos line of coping as the ramp goes through a height change.

And of course the ramp would never be complete without our signature 2 tone double stripe through the volcano.

(below) Ryan Corrigan and Axel Jurgens came over for this one. Thanks again guys for making the trip over.

(below) John Coggins and Andy Callaghan doing what they do best.

Mark kicking back enjoying the late evening after a hard days grind.

Heres Jesper setting the safety rails on one of the many late evenings we did.

Andy Sun Basking in the brilliance and the sun.

The Shows were great fun and all the guys killed the ramp in all disciplines, Skating/BMX and Inline. I particularly enjoyed the skating sessions and the BMX was amazing, Actually it all was simply amazing. heres Razmus doing MC for it.

The SIMPLEBIKES team came from all over Europe to do the BMX shows.

It was great to see all the boys ride this thing and hit all the lines. Smooth riding and big airs.

(above) Niels Thanild and Mitch Yeats from SIMPLEBIKES.

This is what happened to the ramp after the shows. It turned into the party platform….Nice.

Edit of the build and shows coming soon.

A big big thank you goes out to the crew for helping to pull this one off. There was very few days off and most of the days were pretty long. Thanks guys for sticking it out.


CREW: Andyy Callaghan, John Coggins, Jesper Simonsen, Mark Hvirring, Jonas TT Møller, Axel Jurgens, Ryan Corrigan, Travis Johnston, Thomas Hvass

Next build is Euro`s biggest Vert ramp right here in Copenhagen


  1. Mike Reid says:

    What happens to all the used skatelite after these contests and festivals happen? I have a bowled out miniramp and have a few pieces that are chipping badly and would rather use recycled skatelite for my projects but don’t know where to purchase any besides craigslist and it was very hard finding enough for my needs that way.

  2. Frank_554689 says:

    Hey sorry about the late reply. Old skatelite is something very hard to come by. Anybody who has it knows what its worth and chooses to hold onto it if they are still into ramps no matter how old it is as its so durable. We have been collecting old skatelite for the past 10 yrs aswell as purchasing large quantities of new stuff also. We only use the old stuff for particular projects and certain detail work. Skatelite is great old and new!

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