This build was an exceptional one. The place itself was unreal and its  fantastic to now know such a place exists.

Welcome to Club Eurocamp.

My good friend Axel Jurgens (fellow Simplebikes rider) and his wife Rosario are the brains behind this gem.

Located just an hour away from Barcelona in Tossa de mar, this place has it all. Sandy beaches, Sunshine, Beach bars, swimming pools, hotel, Bungalow camping and of course last but not least, a top class ramp park, Street park and dirt jumps for all you ramp shredders out there.

The beach is just a 5 minute walk from the park itself and pretty much all of the other facilities.

The beach has a small and private kinda vibe to it… sweet!!

These are the camping bungalows.

The hillside is full of these things scattered all accross it, up and down it.

They can sleep up to five people and are very cheap per week. This place is ideal for everybody and all disciplines of park riding, but it is especially ideal for all you ramp shredders out there who are family guys. With the beach, pools  and park etc all so close to each other and the hotel the family unit can have a handy resort style holiday and daddy can still go get his session on.

Now getting back to the build.

As the VansRebel Jam was being hosted here this year the pressure was on to get it done.

This was pretty much our view during our lunch sessions.

Axel had this place up and running for the past 2 years or so. What was done this year was to add another 40% to the already existing ramp park, modifying and building a bunch of extra stuff in the street course. Work the trails and in time a bigger foam pit and Resi ramp will be installed in the coming months.

The wrap around hills was such a breath of fresh air when out here working this place. Normally its 4 walls and a roof or a park surrounded by an urban landscape. The sense of tranquility here while riding and hanging out with your friends is amazing.

A lot of great lines in this park and the stuff is big!

Check out that sky and all that green.

This place has some really interesting sections in it and rides like a dream.

It got a bit late one of the nights.

This is pretty much the view from where you start the trails.. look left and you see this.

Look right and you start rolling down into this below.

All down hill style to start out with. A lot of lefts and rights then pop down into a bomber and up to a

big stepped up lefty hip.

which is followed by a downhill hip to the right straight into a left berm and on to this right hip below

and finishing out with 2 sets of straight jumps into finally a big quarter.

Everything is real close here, look where the bungalows are to the trails, which is all right next to the parks.

small pump track also for the kids.

All I can say is that this place is on my holiday calendar every year from now on both family and friend holidays.

Check the links below for all the footage from the 2012 Vans Rebel Jam contest, held here last weekend and go check out Club Eurocamp on Facebook to book a trip.

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