I was invited to come to Madrid by my very good friend Axel Jurgens (fellow Simple Bikes team rider and creator of Eurocamp, Barcelona) to help design and build some of the competition course for the Metro Jam.

The venue and experience was absolutely amazing.

We were four floors underground in the chamartin metro station. In an unused and unfinished rail track foundation.

The concept and design was amazing. It rode like a a set of trails in a half pipe style scenario. Axel and his crew did a fantastic job of doing the main bulk of the work.

The first thing I had to design was to come up with something that would ride like a berm and 2 people could ride at the same time.

This was the result of  power think no.1.

Here Perico is giving it the very first test ride. Perico was one of the building crew and actually placed 2nd with Allister whitton in the competition. Well done guys!!!

Axel heading for the lift that will take him 4 floors back up from the belly of the beast. He heads for Barcelona to do a quick spot check for the Rebel Jam.

Heres The man himself, Sergio Layos. The reason why we were all there in the first place. He presented this idea to his sponsor Red Bull and they went for it.

I love these hips to banked walls. The simple lines and narrow lips are a very nice touch. Axel could have worked them more and blended them into the concrete trani but decided not to, which was a very wise decision. It increased the accuracy needed to cruise through the lines and it made  the over all look of the park a whole lot better.

This big transition banked hip was the next thing on my list that had to be sorted. The lines that were trying to be created within the pipe concept dictated that a hip of some sort really had to go in here. So considering it is was a pro comp only a giant one could be considered, And considering Axel built a really nice giant jump box there, there was really little choice in what could go in there. Really happy with the way this worked out and rode. Sergio, Ruben and Perico rode this thing like crazy.

It was a crazy building scene here. There was huge numbers of people passing by all the time in escalators and glass lifts constantly. The shock value was very noticeable as I guess they travelled through this station all the time for many years and now they see this kind of stuff being built in it all of a sudden.

We were only just finishing up when Ruben and Sergio showed up to have a test ride on it. The place was still quite dusty from the build and the years of concrete dust that had been there. The cleaners were still trying to get rid of it all.

Ruben, Sergio and axel parke from sweden on the jump box deck.

Axel Jurgens chatting with Harry Main and Achim from Nike who came by  to check out the build but were not staying for the comp.

The man Himself, Axel jurgens who brought us all together to make this happen.

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