the best skatepark building company in the world

After 7 weeks away in Norway, many many truck loads of wood,Many many hours and a little bit of drama here and there from time to time, we finally completed our latest project…. FLIPSIDE CAMP.

Worlds best skatepark builders5

This was a pretty extensive build.  The unit is 2500 SQ meters in total and was built especially for this purpose. Though it looks brand new it was actually moved from a location in OSLO where it stood for 10 years previously or something like that.

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The street course has everything you would expect to see in a park but with a little twist. It was really great to work with Mike from FLIPSIDE. He gave us 100% freedom to design and build whatever we wanted.

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Hopefully when we go back there again it will be a blank cheque scenario so we can really go wild with the design.

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best skatepark builders in the world

The bowl is hidden up there behind the giant raised platform.

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A few guys were taken right out while test riding this stuff. Mitch Yeates went down real hard popping off these steps for some reason. He smacked his head real good. Always wear a helmet kids, its no joke when you get a head impact.

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The foam pit and Resi area is fully loaded. You can air into the pit both ways and air into the resi quarter both ways. So there is no stopping the progression session in this place. And of course the resi box jump.

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The worlds best skatepark builders

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This is the start off point for the Pit area. Its a 15 meter wide rollin divided into 3 sections. The outer rollins are the same but the center one has more bank than trani just to make it a little easier on some of these younglings thats going to sign up for camp.

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The other side of the rollin is the rhythm section. The boxes get progressively bigger as you go through it.  The last box is 5 meters wide. Perfect for a huck!!

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We wanted to build something a bit more shapely in this area with alot of hips etc, but with a certain lack of space we decided to keep it a little simpler and less complicated for the moment for some of these younglings. Its a fun rhythm section and the 2nd two boxes are sweet. Its hard to tell from this picture but there is a banked wall running along side the 3rd box

The best skatepark builders in the world

Best skatepark builders in the world

The Bowl: The bowl rides amazingly and in my mind its the jewel of the park. There is alot of lines going on in this thing and it is exceptionally smooth and fast.

The raised end is a 6 foot tall bowl that drops down through a 3 foot tall waterfall leading you into a 9ft tall bowl.

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We tried to squeeze as much as we could into this whole place, The bowl was no exception. It has a double coping spine, 5 hips, 3 volcanos with blended waterfall and a bunch of vert walls and extensions.

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It has a very organic natural feel to it when riding, It almost flows like a river.

Worlds best skatepark builders5

I love this thing. It was great fun to ride and it was great to see the concrete guys/ skaters kill it afterwork before they left for Oslo. Darryl from the concrete company took it hard transferring the double hip on his board. A trip to the hospital was needed the following day.

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Decided to experiment with a few things. China bank style mini ramp ditch thing set at an angle?? Sure why not!

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We also designed and built dirt jumps just outside the unit. Its not a crazy complicated design, but there is alot of hips and step ups etc which will keep the kids busy for this season.

Axel and Allan did a great job on these.

the best skatepark builders in the world

We got a 2.44 meter tall rollin with a 5 meter deck to stand on.

best skatepark builders in the world

We took a day off one sunday when the weather was really good and just chilled by the dirt jumps with a few beers and watch a few guys test ride the dirt. It was a good day.

The best skatepark building company in the world


The best skatepark building company in the world

The best skatepark building company in the world

This is what the site looked like just 2 months before we got there.

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The warehouse was pretty big and the crew making it were still finishing it a few weeks into our build. So there was quite a few people and machines under one roof for a period of time.

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Every so often James got busy with the camera at night time to try get a few unique perspectives of the build.

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Heres Andy sun sporting the R-R  T`s while doing great work on the corners.

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Barry getting all sexy style with the ramp. The bowl didn`t appreciate that one bit and gave him a bit of a spanking on his first roll of it. She cut his eye brow ridge open real good for this little gesture.

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Heres Allan Pedersen finishing the last section on the china bank ditch thing.

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Coping fun.

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Welding fun.

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Cristoph and mean gene doing there thing.


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This is more about blending out a vert wall than it is an actual escalator.

Best skatepark builders in the world

Axel and Allan talkin dirty!!

Best skatepark builders in the world

This is a fun set up for all. We decided to make something a bit more universal for all riding levels. The table tops help that situation. Kids can just roll over them and not have to commit to a big scary double set jump. Some big sets will be there for next season.

Best skatepark builders in the world


Best skatepark builders in the world

This place actually used to be an old air force base the Nazis`s built back in 1942. And when I say the Nazis built it, what that really means is that they pointed guns at russian captive soldiers and made them build it.

the best skatepark builders in the world

Its a great way to do something positive with such a place.

the best skatepark builders in the world

This is the restaurant area that Campers will be eating at. Its got great food and the people running it are amazing.

The best skatepark building company in the world

Picture of the crew with Aina and Ruth from the restaurant, These 2 women hooked us up right the way through this build with anything we needed. truly great and thank you from all of us.


A giant thank you goes out to the crew: Mark Hvirring, Andy Callaghan, Jonas Møller, John Coggins, Allan dean russell, Meane gene, Allan Pedersen, Barry farrell, Christoph  Friedl, James Elms, Axel Jurgens and Mitch Yeates. You are awesome!

the best skatepark builders in the world

The best skatepark building company in the world

These are the dorms that will be your home for the duration of your stay. They are clean and nice and fit quite alot of people.

The best skatepark building company in the world

We stayed in these while we did the build. It was fun. They are real close to the park so no worries there.

The best skatepark building company in the world

Each building block has a communal room upstairs which is good for chilling, watching flicks or just generally causing trouble..ha

Best skatepark builders in the world

Henning and Helga decided we needed a good sending off party after we finished the job so they took us out on their speed boats for an all day party and barbecue.

Best skatepark builders in the world

Those boats were fast and probably shouldn`t have been driven by some of us as the day went on.

Best skatepark builders in the world

Norway is a beautiful country. There is so many amazing views. The drive from Christiansands, (where the airport is or boat pier) to Lista(FLIPSIDE) is a 1.5 – 2 hour long drive packed with amazing scenery all the way. It gives you a great sense of the country and where you are as you make your way to the camp.

Its well worth the trip and the camp is just what you want for a week or 2 so get your finger out and book some time for yourself at FLIPSIDE.

Below are some Videos that Marrius put together during the build. He is the head of the arts and media side of things at the Camp.











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