We finally got this one finished. And wow is all I can say as far as the quality of finish we put into it.

This was the last ramp of this year and was the one with the most expectation attached to it. And lets face it, as soon as skatelite is the final layer choice the stakes are raised for the ramp builder. It is much harder to work with and very expensive when mistakes are made.

We decided to get all fancy with this centre pice as it was just too nice not to make it a bit more rad. We ran another tone of skatelite through it to give it a very unique look and finish to it. These lines though are very useful from a practical point of view as it gives some definition lines to the overall shape as you roll through it at high speeds.

It was a serious ball buster to get that volcano surfaced and required a step back from it every so often to assess the situation. It felt so good to get it finished as it was a painful pain in the ass!

Welcome to the suck!! haha . I think this was very very late at night when everybody went home but when there is an event deadline coming up in a matter of days we don`t all have the luxury of going home.

I`m particularly proud of how this rolled hip worked out. The coping is perfect and the skatelite finish is beautiful.

Went with a different style of surfacing technique on this one. Went with a bit of a twist which was a good choice. Its nice to see a few different styles running through the one ramp.

The Event day finally came which meant the ramp was finally finished.. wooohoo. The comp was to kick off at 6 pm but we were still finishing the ramp at 6.15 pm. But according to all the skaters they thought it was amazing to see the ramp still being finished minutes before they got to get their shred on.

The skate comp was amazing and it is always fantastic to see stuff you have made being sessioned. Quick edit on the comp coming soon. Theres Kasper in the shades.

Here`s Peter and Aspen from Royal taking it easy with a beer after the party ended. Cheers guys for putting on a fun session.

Here is another reminder of the suck!!!

Thanks to everybody who was on this job and helped out in their own way. Kasper,Travis, Ryan C, Mark, Keld,  Thomas Hvass, Jesper, Allan and Jonas. Cheers dudes. F

Myself, Keld and Aspen heading for a bar on Kelds cargo bike after the comp. Dead men cycling here!..But happy its over.

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