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We have been very busy in the R&D department here at Ramp-Riders recently and have developed an awesome new stylish and life changing product for all you committed ramp riders out there. The MAC of all mini ramps is the perfect back garden, youth club and even school session ramp. It rides amazingly and the slick floating structure lines are aesthetically even better.

The price for your fully loaded Mac of all mini`s, Birch plywood finish with lights and integrated sound system in 2017 is just 38,000 DKK including moms. Thats €5,100 Euro including VAT for those in Euro land. Shipping and assembly/assembly consultation is extra.

best ramp in the world

Join the revolution of home Ramp-Riding.


We went for the vintage look for PORT4130 skateparks MAC of all Mini`s


This is the perfect size Ramp for every back garden and indoor setting.

It will fit anywhere and everywhere.


(Below): A-FUK skate-school having a fun session on it recently


(Below): Stranges Skate-school doing some board lessons.


Kids can`t get enough of it



(Below): This is what your MAC of all Mini ramps will look like at night time.

She looks beautiful doesn`t she??!!

This also comes with a fully integrated sound system so all you you gotta do

is plug your phone into your ramp when its time to listen to those tunes of

yours and get your roll on.


So pick your colour folks, make your order and we will deliver your MAC of all Mini ramps within 2 weeks of that order. Get on it and start your ramp riding home experience now.

Mini ramp R&D.13






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