Sep 2015 21

We have recently teamed up with `Strange skateboard school` and `Big heart Skateboarding`to bring a skatepark-skate school experience to a small town called krenkerup in Denmark. This place had no park before our arrival so a brand new positive experience was brought to a community.   Ramp-Riders worlds best skatepark buildersAs this parks user group would be kids who had little or no experience in skating we had to design it accordingly. It consisted of small banks, fly outs and small ledges etc.Ramp-Riders worlds best skatepark buildersThis was all constructed in a modular format so that each item could be easily separated and moved around to make different types of set ups at any time using minimal tools.Ramp-Riders worlds best skatepark buildersBelow is what it looked like just one day before the first skate school class. IMG_9549Below: A very cool feature (launch ramp and crash mat) This is a very simple thing but very effective when teaching kids and giving them confidence. Its safe and fun as hell.worlds best skatepark buildersEach kid who signed up for the week long school also got a brand new skateboard and helmet. Not a bad deal at skatepark builders in the world

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