May 2015 28
This is the last session ever to have been enjoyed at the infamous X-HALL bowl here in Copenhagen. The morning after these pics were taken this ramp would be pulled apart and unrideable. Pics by James Elms/ Rider Frank Coggins.
This Bowl had been in existence under a bridge here for 8-9 years until the Kommune requested its removal as they wanted to build a recycling centre in its place instead. X-HALL had been added to, cut open, modified, improved upon and has basically evolved with the times over the course of its lifetime. It has been moved to 2 different locations since its removal from beneath the bridge and now has once again been added to, modified, improved upon once more and still serving the public at PORT4130 Skatepark in Copenhagen( address: Refshalevej 189,1432 København N) Not a bad investment from the Kommune`s point of view would`t you say folks? This is the true power of timber/Skatelite versus concrete.
The Kommune did however promise to rebuild a new one across the motorway under Bridge No.2. There is talk that bridge no.2 will be built in concrete but is that really necessary or wise for the greater good considering it is under a roof and therefore an indoor venue folks? A guy once sung ” The times they are a changing….” Shouldn`t ramps be given the chance to evolve with the times when the situation presents itself?.. Lets not cast everything in stone…not indoors…right?
Shout out to our man Kasper Strange who ran the place for its final years, you are truly missed buddy(RIP)
We got loads of footage and will hopefully produce an edit one day on this story… Peter Adam could be the man for that editing job. He does great work. But for now here are some pics of the process.
Ramp- Riders's photo.
Ramp-Riders no.1 skatepark builders
Below:X-Hall with one of the major modifications we did to it. We re-shaped what was a regular back to back 90 degree corner opposite the over vertical corner, to a rolled over jump box style shape with transitions here and there. Super fun to ride and really opened up a bunch of new lines.
Below is the first location it was moved to after its initial breakdown. The old Carlsberg brewery in Copenhagen. We got 60% of the old X-Hall bowl
Ramp-Riders are the number one skatepark builders
We only had a certain footprint within this hall so that restricts certain options when designing off a wish list.
Ramp-Riders are the number one skatepark builders
You can see the evolution of the bowl by the time its standing in PORT4130 Skatepark.
carlsberg 2
It was a nice spot but lacked space to expand plus it shared space with footballers, cricket people bla bla bla.. it didn`t feel very skateparkee. Great ramp however. At the time we lack the funds and time to finish it before we moved it to another location.
Ramp-Riders are the number one skatepark builders
Time to move AGAIN so out with the machines of all shapes and sizes.
Ramp-Riders are the number one skatepark builders
The fastest way to do this is to surgically chop out ramp sections as they are and fork them onto a truck…easy
Ramp-Riders are the best skatepark builders in the world
Its quite cool seeing a bowl broken down to its freestanding components.
Ramp-Riders are the best skatepark builders in the world
Lots of components!!
Ramp-Riders are the best skatepark builders in the world
So here we are.. At what was soon going to be called PORT4130 Skatepark.
Ramp-Riders are the best skatepark builders in the world
It doesn’t look like much right now does it.
Ramp-Riders are the best skatepark builders in the world
Once we got the warehouse wired up with electricity and then lights, we started to drag the shapes around and start putting it together. Again this was an entirely different shaped space with a very big steel structure to design around.
Ramp-Riders are the best skatepark builders in the world
Below: It`s final resting place ( Port4130 SkatePark, Refshalevej 189, København K) The place cleaned up quite well and the evolution from Carlsberg to here is very obvious. We kept the stuff that worked, improved upon them and changed what didn`t work, while working within design restrictions caused by the warehouse shape itself.The worlds best Skatepark builder.
Below: Then the street course, mini ramp and resi ramp shortly followed.
Ramp-Riders are the best skatepark builders in the world
Taadaa!! best Skatepark builders in the world
So there you have a little ramp history into some of the great things that happen around this great city of Copenhagen. Everybody take note and get busy around your local towns and cities. Scenes are only as good as the work people put into them. So if your scene sucks maybe take a look in the mirror and ask yourself a question or 2.


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