May 2015 12

Mini Ramps0

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This is our new style of mini ramp we are bringing to the masses.  We have redefined how an outdoor timber ramp should be built guaranteeing a much longer lifespan and an over all better natural product for the current war on renewable timber verses concrete and the great natural skatepark building company in the world.We like to work with all materials, timber, concrete, steel and also like to ride all types of differently built ramps. However, some ramps should be specifically built in certain materials and some in others, depending on functionality, safety, size of site and ability to skatepark building company in the world.We can`t help ourselves when it comes to building ramps. We have an uncontrollable urge to make ramps look extra special even the basic ones. Here we wanted to create the sense that the main body of ramp was floating. This also allows a great ventilation solution. Ventilation being the key to a long lifespan for all outdoor timber ramps. And of course last but not least, playing with the usual colour tones to bring out the best possible aesthetic skatepark building company in the world.We used a combination of Skatelite and ramp Armor on this one. Both Materials are very good. This particular ramp is 1.22 meters tall and 4.88 meters wide. best skatepark building company in the world.This ramp can be produced in our workshop with a 3 week lead time and allow 2-3 days for assembly. However if the sun is shinning and the destination is good we may choose to build the whole thing on site.

So get out there and get your principals to finally get a ramp on the school grounds or your local politician and local youth club to have something like this close by. Obviously this is the basics, we can get very abstract with the design so get involved with that part of things and we can start putting something really awesome and affordable together for you, today!


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