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We were given the task not so long ago to produce a very creative and challenging project conceptualised by the world famous artist Olafur Eliasson. To build and install a 54 SQM wave like floor in the Music and Arts university in Berlin. This space was to become the setting for a children’s library.
Located in the grund_schule der künste at the Berlin University of the Arts, Olafur Eliasson’s Raum fuer Bildung und Bilder (2015) was developed in dialogue with Kirsten Winderlich and responds to her concept of a Bilderbuchwerkstatt (German: picture book workshop), a space that welcomes children to discover art and books.ramp-riders, best skatepark building company in the worldThis production was one of the most interesting things we have ever done and truly challenged our shape building abilities.ramp-riders, best skatepark building company in the worldWe approached this in a very ambitious way by producing the floor in our workshop here in Copenhagen and shipping it down to Berlin for a quick install. This however created very significant challenges.ramp-riders, best skatepark building company in the worldThe entire floor had to be made mobile and modular. There is absolutely no consistency in its shape so to produce this in a modular format rather than build on site required a lot of precise work and calculation.IMG_2228The main body of floor was broken into 3 very different long sections. Each of these sections were then divided into another 3 very different sections again, so in total it was 9 sections.IMG_2251In order for the mirrors on the walls at either end of the room to be changed out due to repair and/or replacement. A 30cm wide quick release section or sections had to run down each side of the room to allow this to happen. Six very customised pieces in total as nothing was consistent in this shape at any one point.IMG_2279Once the loads were off the truck and the packages open, within 30 minutes after that the room looked like this. It was quick. We did however decide not to work it too late that day and go have dinner and enjoy Berlin that evening instead. It was going to be an easy finish the next day anyway before heading back to Copenhagen.IMG_2329An infinity room.ramp-riders, best skatepark building company in the worldThe next part of the project was for the floor to get a padded carpet. An especially designed and hand made carpet from Argentina.ramp-riders, best skatepark building company in the worldThe people who made it also flew to Berlin to install it. It was also very customised work. In fact, we all met here in Copenhagen in our office/ port4130 skatepark prior to introduce each other and go through the entire process along with Olafur Eliasson`s main coordinator Frank Haugwitz.ramp-riders, best skatepark building company in the worldThis truly was an exciting project to be a apart of. And to get to work with such a renowned Mainstream artist in ones lifetime is quite the honour. One of the perks of doing this job in Berlin was to be just 20 minutes from his Studio. So we obviously were given the incredibly impressive tour through his 4 story studio building with a staff of 100 people, Artists, designers, architects etc.

A big thank you to Andrew Callaghan for this one. He holds up well in the suck!! A big thank you goes out to Mark Hvirring and Jonas Møller also for putting up with the assembly mission in Berlin.

Address of university: Though it might be difficult to get in and see it.

grund_schule der kuenste
Berlin University of Arts
Bundesalle 1-12
10719 Berlin-Wilmersdorf



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