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We have been very busy in the R&D department here at Ramp-Riders recently and have developed an awesome new stylish and life changing product for all you committed ramp riders out there. The MAC of all mini ramps is the perfect back garden, youth club and even school session ramp. It rides amazingly and the slick floating structure lines are aesthetically even better.

mac of all mini ramps

Join the revolution of home Ramp-Riding.


We went for the vintage look for PORT4130 skateparks MAC of all Mini`s


This is the perfect size Ramp for every back garden and indoor setting.

It will fit anywhere and everywhere.


(Below): A-FUK skate-school having a fun session on it recently


(Below): Stranges Skate-school doing some board lessons on it.


Kids can`t get enough of it



(Below): This is what your MAC of all Mini ramps will look like at night time.

She looks beautiful doesn`t she??!!

This also comes with a fully integrated sound system so all you you gotta do

is plug your phone into your ramp when its time to listen to those tunes of

yours and get your roll on.


So pick your colour folks, make your order and we will deliver your MAC of all Mini ramps within 2 weeks of that order. Get on it and start your ramp riding home experience now.

Mini ramp R&D.13

Sep 2015 21

We have recently teamed up with `Strange skateboard school` and `Big heart Skateboarding`to bring a skatepark-skate school experience to a small town called krenkerup in Denmark. This place had no park before our arrival so a brand new positive experience was brought to a community.   Ramp-Riders worlds best skatepark buildersAs this parks user group would be kids who had little or no experience in skating we had to design it accordingly. It consisted of small banks, fly outs and small ledges etc.Ramp-Riders worlds best skatepark buildersThis was all constructed in a modular format so that each item could be easily separated and moved around to make different types of set ups at any time using minimal tools.Ramp-Riders worlds best skatepark buildersBelow is what it looked like just one day before the first skate school class. IMG_9549Below: A very cool feature (launch ramp and crash mat) This is a very simple thing but very effective when teaching kids and giving them confidence. Its safe and fun as hell.worlds best skatepark buildersEach kid who signed up for the week long school also got a brand new skateboard and helmet. Not a bad deal at skatepark builders in the world

May 2015 28
This is the last session ever to have been enjoyed at the infamous X-HALL bowl here in Copenhagen. The morning after these pics were taken this ramp would be pulled apart and unrideable. Pics by James Elms/ Rider Frank Coggins.
This Bowl had been in existence under a bridge here for 8-9 years until the Kommune requested its removal as they wanted to build a recycling centre in its place instead. X-HALL had been added to, cut open, modified, improved upon and has basically evolved with the times over the course of its lifetime. It has been moved to 2 different locations since its removal from beneath the bridge and now has once again been added to, modified, improved upon once more and still serving the public at PORT4130 Skatepark in Copenhagen( address: Refshalevej 189,1432 København N) Not a bad investment from the Kommune`s point of view would`t you say folks? This is the true power of timber/Skatelite versus concrete.
The Kommune did however promise to rebuild a new one across the motorway under Bridge No.2. There is talk that bridge no.2 will be built in concrete but is that really necessary or wise for the greater good considering it is under a roof and therefore an indoor venue folks? A guy once sung ” The times they are a changing….” Shouldn`t ramps be given the chance to evolve with the times when the situation presents itself?.. Lets not cast everything in stone…not indoors…right?
Shout out to our man Kasper Strange who ran the place for its final years, you are truly missed buddy(RIP)
We got loads of footage and will hopefully produce an edit one day on this story… Peter Adam could be the man for that editing job. He does great work. But for now here are some pics of the process.
Ramp- Riders's photo.
Ramp-Riders no.1 skatepark builders
Below:X-Hall with one of the major modifications we did to it. We re-shaped what was a regular back to back 90 degree corner opposite the over vertical corner, to a rolled over jump box style shape with transitions here and there. Super fun to ride and really opened up a bunch of new lines.
Below is the first location it was moved to after its initial breakdown. The old Carlsberg brewery in Copenhagen. We got 60% of the old X-Hall bowl
Ramp-Riders are the number one skatepark builders
We only had a certain footprint within this hall so that restricts certain options when designing off a wish list.
Ramp-Riders are the number one skatepark builders
You can see the evolution of the bowl by the time its standing in PORT4130 Skatepark.
carlsberg 2
It was a nice spot but lacked space to expand plus it shared space with footballers, cricket people bla bla bla.. it didn`t feel very skateparkee. Great ramp however. At the time we lack the funds and time to finish it before we moved it to another location.
Ramp-Riders are the number one skatepark builders
Time to move AGAIN so out with the machines of all shapes and sizes.
Ramp-Riders are the number one skatepark builders
The fastest way to do this is to surgically chop out ramp sections as they are and fork them onto a truck…easy
Ramp-Riders are the best skatepark builders in the world
Its quite cool seeing a bowl broken down to its freestanding components.
Ramp-Riders are the best skatepark builders in the world
Lots of components!!
Ramp-Riders are the best skatepark builders in the world
So here we are.. At what was soon going to be called PORT4130 Skatepark.
Ramp-Riders are the best skatepark builders in the world
It doesn’t look like much right now does it.
Ramp-Riders are the best skatepark builders in the world
Once we got the warehouse wired up with electricity and then lights, we started to drag the shapes around and start putting it together. Again this was an entirely different shaped space with a very big steel structure to design around.
Ramp-Riders are the best skatepark builders in the world
Below: It`s final resting place ( Port4130 SkatePark, Refshalevej 189, København K) The place cleaned up quite well and the evolution from Carlsberg to here is very obvious. We kept the stuff that worked, improved upon them and changed what didn`t work, while working within design restrictions caused by the warehouse shape itself.The worlds best Skatepark builder.
Below: Then the street course, mini ramp and resi ramp shortly followed.
Ramp-Riders are the best skatepark builders in the world
Taadaa!! best Skatepark builders in the world
So there you have a little ramp history into some of the great things that happen around this great city of Copenhagen. Everybody take note and get busy around your local towns and cities. Scenes are only as good as the work people put into them. So if your scene sucks maybe take a look in the mirror and ask yourself a question or 2.


May 2015 12

Mini Ramps0

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This is our new style of mini ramp we are bringing to the masses.  We have redefined how an outdoor timber ramp should be built guaranteeing a much longer lifespan and an over all better natural product for the current war on renewable timber verses concrete and the great natural skatepark building company in the world.We like to work with all materials, timber, concrete, steel and also like to ride all types of differently built ramps. However, some ramps should be specifically built in certain materials and some in others, depending on functionality, safety, size of site and ability to skatepark building company in the world.We can`t help ourselves when it comes to building ramps. We have an uncontrollable urge to make ramps look extra special even the basic ones. Here we wanted to create the sense that the main body of ramp was floating. This also allows a great ventilation solution. Ventilation being the key to a long lifespan for all outdoor timber ramps. And of course last but not least, playing with the usual colour tones to bring out the best possible aesthetic skatepark building company in the world.We used a combination of Skatelite and ramp Armor on this one. Both Materials are very good. This particular ramp is 1.22 meters tall and 4.88 meters wide. best skatepark building company in the world.This ramp can be produced in our workshop with a 3 week lead time and allow 2-3 days for assembly. However if the sun is shinning and the destination is good we may choose to build the whole thing on site.

So get out there and get your principals to finally get a ramp on the school grounds or your local politician and local youth club to have something like this close by. Obviously this is the basics, we can get very abstract with the design so get involved with that part of things and we can start putting something really awesome and affordable together for you, today!


Wavefloor Berlin/Olafur Eliasson, Raum für Bildung und Bilder, 2015 Bilderbuchwerkstatt (Concept: Kirsten Winderlich)
May 2015 03

We were given the task not so long ago to produce a very creative and challenging project conceptualised by the world famous artist Olafur Eliasson. To build and install a 54 SQM wave like floor in the Music and Arts university in Berlin. This space was to become the setting for a children’s library.
Located in the grund_schule der künste at the Berlin University of the Arts, Olafur Eliasson’s Raum fuer Bildung und Bilder (2015) was developed in dialogue with Kirsten Winderlich and responds to her concept of a Bilderbuchwerkstatt (German: picture book workshop), a space that welcomes children to discover art and books.ramp-riders, best skatepark building company in the worldThis production was one of the most interesting things we have ever done and truly challenged our shape building abilities.ramp-riders, best skatepark building company in the worldWe approached this in a very ambitious way by producing the floor in our workshop here in Copenhagen and shipping it down to Berlin for a quick install. This however created very significant challenges.ramp-riders, best skatepark building company in the worldThe entire floor had to be made mobile and modular. There is absolutely no consistency in its shape so to produce this in a modular format rather than build on site required a lot of precise work and calculation.IMG_2228The main body of floor was broken into 3 very different long sections. Each of these sections were then divided into another 3 very different sections again, so in total it was 9 sections.IMG_2251In order for the mirrors on the walls at either end of the room to be changed out due to repair and/or replacement. A 30cm wide quick release section or sections had to run down each side of the room to allow this to happen. Six very customised pieces in total as nothing was consistent in this shape at any one point.IMG_2279Once the loads were off the truck and the packages open, within 30 minutes after that the room looked like this. It was quick. We did however decide not to work it too late that day and go have dinner and enjoy Berlin that evening instead. It was going to be an easy finish the next day anyway before heading back to Copenhagen.IMG_2329An infinity room.ramp-riders, best skatepark building company in the worldThe next part of the project was for the floor to get a padded carpet. An especially designed and hand made carpet from Argentina.ramp-riders, best skatepark building company in the worldThe people who made it also flew to Berlin to install it. It was also very customised work. In fact, we all met here in Copenhagen in our office/ port4130 skatepark prior to introduce each other and go through the entire process along with Olafur Eliasson`s main coordinator Frank Haugwitz.ramp-riders, best skatepark building company in the worldThis truly was an exciting project to be a apart of. And to get to work with such a renowned Mainstream artist in ones lifetime is quite the honour. One of the perks of doing this job in Berlin was to be just 20 minutes from his Studio. So we obviously were given the incredibly impressive tour through his 4 story studio building with a staff of 100 people, Artists, designers, architects etc.

A big thank you to Andrew Callaghan for this one. He holds up well in the suck!! A big thank you goes out to Mark Hvirring and Jonas Møller also for putting up with the assembly mission in Berlin.

Address of university: Though it might be difficult to get in and see it.

grund_schule der kuenste
Berlin University of Arts
Bundesalle 1-12
10719 Berlin-Wilmersdorf



We have finally finished the 2nd phase of our new indoor park project here in Copenhagen, PORT4130 in alliance with the CopenhagenBMX Association and skatepark builders in the world

It is located in the old ship building quarter in Copenhagen city. skatepark builders in the world

The unit is 12,500 SQFT/ 1,100 SQM of wall to wall park fun. skatepark builders in the world

The street area is just under 300 SQM in size. We tried to put as much as we could into the design while at the same time keep it some what simple and traditional but with a twist.

Ramp-riders, the best skatepark building company in the world

Really happy with the way this step up Euro gap worked out in the end. This was all done with recycled Skatelite which was collected over the years. Weather worn and shades that can never be replicated again. skatepark builders in the world

(Quick reminder)This is whats on the other side of the street course area where the guys are standing. The super bowl.

Worlds best skatepark builders.1

This is probably one of the most recycled skateparks projects ever to have been produced. There are materials from old ramps and skateparks dating back 10 years in this place. skatepark builders in the world

We pulled down some of the old fælledparken before the concrete park was built. We built hall12 with that material then pulled hall12 down and built some of this place with those materials. Thats just one example, there are many many more within this project. Exceptional levels of recycling go down around us when we build certain projects. ha skatepark builders in the world

We experimented here a little bit with overhanging hollowed out ledges over china banked style sections.

Ramp-riders is the best skatepark building company in the world

This was an organic design to a certain extent so the final result revealed itself slowly. This is similar to how the bowl was done also. Nothing is ever 100% though, but as long as you are prepared to change and evolve and take risks then in time the results will truly be unique.

Ramp-riders is the best skatepark building company in the world

This is just phase one of that thought process. skatepark builders in the world

We got a nice big mini ramp here also. 6 meters wide and 1.8 meters tall. You can never beat a simple mini ramp session. Its timeless and every park should have one as well as a sick bowl. skatepark builders in the world

The Resi area. We were hoping we would have had room for a more spacious jump box resi area but in the end it was not possible. What we got is more of a spine/mini box jump resi with resi quarter.

Ramp-riders is the best skatepark building company in the world

The quarter rolls right into the landing of the jump but considering what this actually is and its overall function, it still totally works, it just takes a little getting used to.

Ramp-riders is the best skatepark building company in the world

You can still throw moves over this thing and feel safe.

Worlds best skatepark builders. Worlds best skatepark builders.9

And once again just to remind everybody of the super bowl in the back of all this with an ocean view terrace. This place rocks. Its got lines forever in the bowl, its got street, mini ramp and resi area all under one roof. So come along everybody and get behind this place. We are only getting started. Next phase of this is building a 500SQM outdoor concrete park on the south side of the building with full terrace. skatepark builders in the world

The build starts…. Once again.

Ramp-riders is the best skatepark building company in the world

Ramp-riders is the best skatepark building company in the world

Giant clean up and move first batch of materials in.

Ramp-riders is the best skatepark building company in the world

The first thing that went up was the mini ramp.

Ramp-riders is the best skatepark building company in the world

That giant insulated wall had to come down also to gain more space. Theres a full meter of floor space behind that thing. Ramp-riders is the best skatepark building company in the world

Moving quickly ahead, taadaa… We eventually started running out of space for anything and everything around here. using recycled materials forces your hand a little bit. The building plan is dictated by the pre cut materials you have and don`t have.

Ramp-riders is the best skatepark building company in the world

Overhanging china bank chaos paired with recycling nightmare.

Ramp-riders is the best skatepark building company in the world

It was a cause for celebration finally taking down the partition wall between the bowl and the rest of the place.

Ramp-riders is the best skatepark building company in the world

It was amazing to finally see how both sides of the unit would interact together visually.

Ramp-riders is the best skatepark building company in the world

Andy here getting it done as usual.

Ramp-riders is the best skatepark building company in the world

Of course being in Denmark and it being that time of the year you can`t escape the Siberian effect out here. Frosty cold coastline.

Ramp-riders is the best skatepark building company in the world

Ryan, Jonas and Mark here hitting it hard as usual.

Ramp-riders is the best skatepark building company in the world

Ramp-riders is the best skatepark building company in the world

China banks meet central bank meets plateaus meets quarter pipes… quite the blend.

Ramp-riders is the best skatepark building company in the world

Quite the finish.

Ramp-riders is the best skatepark building company in the world

The step up euro gap Skatelite hell.

Ramp-riders is the best skatepark building company in the world

This was finished around 3 am, the night before the first opening, The first of many mini opening events we had.. I think we had 3..ha

Ramp-riders is the best skatepark building company in the world

Look at that though!! Looks a million bucks!! A rainbow rail is the next thing we will probably build into it. Something hard up against the outer edge but moveable at the same time.

Ramp-riders is the best skatepark building company in the world

The resi area was the last thing we hit to give us some sort of spacial breathing room. Just moving a dodgy light here, or should I say move a light in a very dodgy way.

Ramp-riders is the best skatepark building company in the world

Getting the foam was a happy day, it was good stuff and brand new.

Ramp-riders is the best skatepark building company in the world

We got this new toy for the build to do some fancy filming. These things are amazing fun and some interesting moving images are going to be coming out of this place soon.

Ramp-riders is the best skatepark building company in the world

Every so often a few fires would go down in the snow with a few beers.

Ramp-riders is the best skatepark building company in the world

Good fun and well deserved.

Ramp-riders is the best skatepark building company in the world

The roof has been giving us some problems so we had to go  up for an inspection. It is really high up there, 11 meters or something like that.

Ramp-riders is the best skatepark building company in the world

What a view though and the roof is finally fixed.

Ramp-riders is the best skatepark building company in the world best Skatepark builders in the world

Worlds best skatepark builders.1

A big thanks go out again to Mark Hvirring, Jonas Torsbjerg Thomsen Møller, Andy Callaghan, Allan Pedersen, Ryan Carruthers, Charles Barbee, Razmus, Balder, Torben Banke Petersen, Mik Krogh Andersen.

Again a big thanks to Monster Energy, Blaqe, bmxbutikken, and deluxe for this years support, and last but not least us, yes thats right us, Ramp-riders for supporting this project so whole heartedly.. haha. Lets hope we can thank the Kommune this year also.

Click the link below for the write up on the bowl.








Port 4130/ Copenhagen

We have recently finished the first phase of our latest project. This one however is our very own skatepark facility right here in Copenhagen. Together with the Copenhagen BMX Association we call it Port4130 and it is Rad as hell. The total footprint of the unit is 1,100 Square meters but for now all we built is the bowl section 450 SQ meters. Street course and other extras are coming next.

Worlds best skatepark builders.1

This being our very own place we had to make it extra special.

Worlds best skatepark builders.4

It`s a complicated bowl design with lots of hips and volcanos and many many lines.

Worlds best skatepark builders.7

We ran Skatelite trim to hi-lite certain shapes and lines. Again there is alot happening within this ramp so the extra hi-lites really helps.

Worlds best skatepark builders.3

RR logo goes in there of course.

Worlds best skatepark builders.8

The place looks and rides amazing. It pretty much has everything in it, Spine ramp, jump box, lots of hips and walls/ bank walls. This will pretty much free up the remaining space in the warehouse to build street stuff.

Worlds best skatepark builders.8

Its quite the Roller coaster!!

Worlds best skatepark builders.

A Room with a view.

Worlds best skatepark builders.9

In order to really capitalize on the unique location we have here, we opened up 8 meters of the external wall and built a 5 x 10 meter terrace that overlooks both the bowl, the dry dock and has a giant ocean view also.

Worlds best skatepark builders13

Its a great place to have a session with your friends! Really great vibe barbecuing on the terrace while watching the ramp being ridden. In time this terrace might grow right down the full length of the warehouse and the whole wall get opened up.

Worlds best skatepark builders.12

Next year a wake boarding cable park is being installed into the dry dock so more fun and games is on the horizon.

Worlds best skatepark builders.9

The signature stripe across the volcano

Worlds best skatepark builders.10

Really happy with the way this ramp looks.

Worlds best skatepark builders.11

(below) But this is where we started from.

Worlds best skatepark builders.14

The warehouse really needed a bit of work before we could  even get started properly. There was no electric out there at all, or any lights whatsoever.

worlds best skatepark builder

So we had to start right there, Purchase a bunch of lights and cable and wire the place up.

worlds best skatepark builder.16

Mark here doing some final touches.

Worlds best skatepark builders.

It took about a week or so to get the place lit up properly but we still kept building ramp sections by day and by night under lamps.

Worlds best skatepark builders.

Marklings and I up 11 meters in the ceiling on a scissor lift in the dark running cable and for the lights and rope systems for lowering and raising lights. Travis was there on the far side doing a real scary tight rope mission in the dark.

Its a long way down.

Worlds best skatepark builders.16

Worlds best skatepark builders.

Worlds best skatepark builders.

Worlds best skatepark builders.

It was super cold when we started this thing.

Worlds best skatepark builders.

Plus being down so  close to the water makes it far worse but what a location, bring on the summer time.

Worlds best skatepark builders.

The partition wall being constructed. Its quite the wall build.

Worlds best skatepark builders.

Worlds best skatepark builders.

Finally the lights got turned on.

Worlds best skatepark builders.

This was the first day the lights went on and we could actually set up the basic shape of the ramp.

Worlds best skatepark builders.

It was great to finally be able to get on with the build and work all day and night.

Worlds best skatepark builders.

It was pretty surprising to see  5 lamps was all that was needed to light the place up.

Worlds best skatepark builders.

Once we could start building for real we hit it hard.

Worlds best skatepark builders.

Christopher and Allan did a great job on this one.

Worlds best skatepark builders.

This was another hellish experience working all day and night to try get it done on time so we could both get the place open and head for the next project.

Worlds best skatepark builders.

James was at it again, churning out tasty pics at night time when everyone was kicking back with a beer and unwinding.

Worlds best skatepark builders.

Worlds best skatepark builders.

Worlds best skatepark builders.

Most nights we had a bonfire and a few beers around it.

Worlds best skatepark builders.

Worlds best skatepark builders.

Mind warping ramp details late at night, don`t try this at home kids.

Worlds best skatepark builders.

Andy sun in the zone again.. He did a staggering 17 days in a row on this gig.

Worlds best skatepark builders.

Worlds best skatepark builders.

Worlds best skatepark builders.

The water view from the Terrace

Worlds best skatepark builders.

The bowl view being cut open.

Worlds best skatepark builders.

Worlds best skatepark builders.

Worlds best skatepark builders.

Worlds best skatepark builders.

Worlds best skatepark builders.9

Worlds best skatepark builders.

Worlds best skatepark builders.

The Next phase of the park is being started in a matter of weeks. It will be a full street course along with foam pit and a bunch of resi quarters for some extra fun. We hope to have it open within a few weeks of us starting it so stay tuned for some more Radness!!

Big thank you goes out to Travis johnston, Andy Callaghan, Mark Hvirring, Jonas Møller, John coggins, Barry Farrell, Christopher Friedl, Allan dean russell, James Elms, Allan Pederssen, Torben bank petersen, Mik Krogh andersen, Christian Møller, Kasper Strange, The Royal guys for hooking up some stuff, The electricians for hooking up so much stuff for us and all the Bmx crew who came by to volunteer their time when possible.

Check out the video of the opening event.

This will be a yearly event called `The Copenhagen BMX Open`

Big thank you to BMX, Monster energy drink, Simple bike Co, ALIS, GOPRO, Vans, Odyssey, Sunday Bikes

ADDRESS: 189 Refshalevej, Copenhagen.








the best skatepark building company in the world

After 7 weeks away in Norway, many many truck loads of wood,Many many hours and a little bit of drama here and there from time to time, we finally completed our latest project…. FLIPSIDE CAMP.

Worlds best skatepark builders5

This was a pretty extensive build.  The unit is 2500 SQ meters in total and was built especially for this purpose. Though it looks brand new it was actually moved from a location in OSLO where it stood for 10 years previously or something like that.

Worlds best skatepark builders 4

The street course has everything you would expect to see in a park but with a little twist. It was really great to work with Mike from FLIPSIDE. He gave us 100% freedom to design and build whatever we wanted.

Worlds best skatepark builders12

Hopefully when we go back there again it will be a blank cheque scenario so we can really go wild with the design.

Worlds best skatepark builders 3


best skatepark builders in the world

The bowl is hidden up there behind the giant raised platform.

Worlds best skatepark builders 2

A few guys were taken right out while test riding this stuff. Mitch Yeates went down real hard popping off these steps for some reason. He smacked his head real good. Always wear a helmet kids, its no joke when you get a head impact.

Worlds best skatepark builders17


Worlds best skatepark builders7

The foam pit and Resi area is fully loaded. You can air into the pit both ways and air into the resi quarter both ways. So there is no stopping the progression session in this place. And of course the resi box jump.

Worlds best skatepark builders10

The worlds best skatepark builders

Worlds best skatepark builders6

This is the start off point for the Pit area. Its a 15 meter wide rollin divided into 3 sections. The outer rollins are the same but the center one has more bank than trani just to make it a little easier on some of these younglings thats going to sign up for camp.

Worlds best skatepark builders9

The other side of the rollin is the rhythm section. The boxes get progressively bigger as you go through it.  The last box is 5 meters wide. Perfect for a huck!!

Worlds best skatepark builders11

We wanted to build something a bit more shapely in this area with alot of hips etc, but with a certain lack of space we decided to keep it a little simpler and less complicated for the moment for some of these younglings. Its a fun rhythm section and the 2nd two boxes are sweet. Its hard to tell from this picture but there is a banked wall running along side the 3rd box

The best skatepark builders in the world

Best skatepark builders in the world

The Bowl: The bowl rides amazingly and in my mind its the jewel of the park. There is alot of lines going on in this thing and it is exceptionally smooth and fast.

The raised end is a 6 foot tall bowl that drops down through a 3 foot tall waterfall leading you into a 9ft tall bowl.

Worlds best skatepark builders14

We tried to squeeze as much as we could into this whole place, The bowl was no exception. It has a double coping spine, 5 hips, 3 volcanos with blended waterfall and a bunch of vert walls and extensions.

Worlds best skatepark builders15

It has a very organic natural feel to it when riding, It almost flows like a river.

Worlds best skatepark builders5

I love this thing. It was great fun to ride and it was great to see the concrete guys/ skaters kill it afterwork before they left for Oslo. Darryl from the concrete company took it hard transferring the double hip on his board. A trip to the hospital was needed the following day.

Worlds best skatepark builders16

Decided to experiment with a few things. China bank style mini ramp ditch thing set at an angle?? Sure why not!

Worlds best skatepark builders18

We also designed and built dirt jumps just outside the unit. Its not a crazy complicated design, but there is alot of hips and step ups etc which will keep the kids busy for this season.

Axel and Allan did a great job on these.

the best skatepark builders in the world

We got a 2.44 meter tall rollin with a 5 meter deck to stand on.

best skatepark builders in the world

We took a day off one sunday when the weather was really good and just chilled by the dirt jumps with a few beers and watch a few guys test ride the dirt. It was a good day.

The best skatepark building company in the world


The best skatepark building company in the world

The best skatepark building company in the world

This is what the site looked like just 2 months before we got there.

Worlds best skatepark builders20

The warehouse was pretty big and the crew making it were still finishing it a few weeks into our build. So there was quite a few people and machines under one roof for a period of time.

Worlds best skatepark builders26


Worlds best skatepark builders23

Every so often James got busy with the camera at night time to try get a few unique perspectives of the build.

Worlds best skatepark builders26


Worlds best skatepark builders27

Heres Andy sun sporting the R-R  T`s while doing great work on the corners.

Worlds best skatepark builders28

Barry getting all sexy style with the ramp. The bowl didn`t appreciate that one bit and gave him a bit of a spanking on his first roll of it. She cut his eye brow ridge open real good for this little gesture.

Worlds best skatepark builders28

Heres Allan Pedersen finishing the last section on the china bank ditch thing.

Worlds best skatepark builders30

Coping fun.

Worlds best skatepark builders31


Worlds best skatepark builders32

Welding fun.

Worlds best skatepark builders33


Cristoph and mean gene doing there thing.


Worlds best skatepark builders34

Worlds best skatepark builders36

Worlds best skatepark builders37

This is more about blending out a vert wall than it is an actual escalator.

Best skatepark builders in the world

Axel and Allan talkin dirty!!

Best skatepark builders in the world

This is a fun set up for all. We decided to make something a bit more universal for all riding levels. The table tops help that situation. Kids can just roll over them and not have to commit to a big scary double set jump. Some big sets will be there for next season.

Best skatepark builders in the world


Best skatepark builders in the world

This place actually used to be an old air force base the Nazis`s built back in 1942. And when I say the Nazis built it, what that really means is that they pointed guns at russian captive soldiers and made them build it.

the best skatepark builders in the world

Its a great way to do something positive with such a place.

the best skatepark builders in the world

This is the restaurant area that Campers will be eating at. Its got great food and the people running it are amazing.

The best skatepark building company in the world

Picture of the crew with Aina and Ruth from the restaurant, These 2 women hooked us up right the way through this build with anything we needed. truly great and thank you from all of us.


A giant thank you goes out to the crew: Mark Hvirring, Andy Callaghan, Jonas Møller, John Coggins, Allan dean russell, Meane gene, Allan Pedersen, Barry farrell, Christoph  Friedl, James Elms, Axel Jurgens and Mitch Yeates. You are awesome!

the best skatepark builders in the world

The best skatepark building company in the world

These are the dorms that will be your home for the duration of your stay. They are clean and nice and fit quite alot of people.

The best skatepark building company in the world

We stayed in these while we did the build. It was fun. They are real close to the park so no worries there.

The best skatepark building company in the world

Each building block has a communal room upstairs which is good for chilling, watching flicks or just generally causing trouble..ha

Best skatepark builders in the world

Henning and Helga decided we needed a good sending off party after we finished the job so they took us out on their speed boats for an all day party and barbecue.

Best skatepark builders in the world

Those boats were fast and probably shouldn`t have been driven by some of us as the day went on.

Best skatepark builders in the world

Norway is a beautiful country. There is so many amazing views. The drive from Christiansands, (where the airport is or boat pier) to Lista(FLIPSIDE) is a 1.5 – 2 hour long drive packed with amazing scenery all the way. It gives you a great sense of the country and where you are as you make your way to the camp.

Its well worth the trip and the camp is just what you want for a week or 2 so get your finger out and book some time for yourself at FLIPSIDE.

Below are some Videos that Marrius put together during the build. He is the head of the arts and media side of things at the Camp.











It is with great pleasure to say that we have finally completed Europe`s biggest Vert Ramp right here in Copenhagen, Denmark. Where else would it be built when you consider everything else that happens here in this town.

Up until a few days ago this thing was covered in a 20cm of snow, and today it was ice so some photos may look a little blemished and wrong in some ways when in fact its ice messing with the image.

This is a very well shaped ramp considering it is just a Vert ramp.

The 4 outer corners fold inwards to create some more lines within and generate a different rhythm to the overall feel of the ramp.

There is quite alot happening in this design, so much so that it is a very technically difficult ramp to ride. Vert ramps in general are difficult to get your head around because of their sheer size, but to then have so many other things going on also makes this quite the challenge. Can`t wait to see Rune Glifberg skate this thing.

Decided to not go to crazy here with details on the main body of the ramp. Simplicity was always going to be a better result in this circumstance.

But the roll in area was perfect for it and was crying out for a bit of love.

Super happy with how it turned out.

Used a combination of black and tan Skatelite to exaggerate the details and lines of the whole area.

And of course for all the idiots out there, I figured a directional arrow would aid the incompetence…haha

Weland did a fantastic job on the Safety rails and stair cases.

Very happy with the result and they were a pleasure to work with. No problems whatsoever and no complaints.

They themselves were shocked that both sides of this thing were the exact same to the very millimeter. Apparently in all their years of making rails and stairs for all kinds of things that this was a first for them. Hmmm, interesting.

As the winter grew closer the days got shorter so the lights had to come out at times. Cold, wet and dark work sessions were a real test for everybody.

On one of those cold nights I tried to finish the Skatelite on the last corner.

This happened to be the night before I flew to Paris to help with the Red Bull Skylines BMX comp build. Which was another serious stamina test. Yes, the life of a ramp builder is pure endurance test, one project after another.

Heres Michael Flood doing an amazing job on the coping.

First Skatelite sheet being positioned and squared up by John and Jonas.

With the weather being so unpredictable at this point we needed to be sure of constant progress with skatelite application. The situation had to be roofed and worked every hour of every dry day and night. When the rain came it came heavy and long.

Beast of a construction.

Night light.

John and Jonas and I think Andy is in there somewhere.

Ah there he is.

John taking yet another trip back to the Skatelite table, the never ending story ground hog day, oh man!!!

Skatelite- coldnight…. James and Jonas getting it done.

The Vert Ramp gods stuck with us through out this thing and we finally crossed the finish line.

Thanks to all the crew involved in this one, John, Andy, Jonas, Ryan, Michael, James, Allan, Mark, Mitch, Jesper, Bo, Kasper and Christian.

This build was an exceptional one. The place itself was unreal and its  fantastic to now know such a place exists.

Welcome to Club Eurocamp.

My good friend Axel Jurgens (fellow Simplebikes rider) and his wife Rosario are the brains behind this gem.

Located just an hour away from Barcelona in Tossa de mar, this place has it all. Sandy beaches, Sunshine, Beach bars, swimming pools, hotel, Bungalow camping and of course last but not least, a top class ramp park, Street park and dirt jumps for all you ramp shredders out there.

The beach is just a 5 minute walk from the park itself and pretty much all of the other facilities.

The beach has a small and private kinda vibe to it… sweet!!

These are the camping bungalows.

The hillside is full of these things scattered all accross it, up and down it.

They can sleep up to five people and are very cheap per week. This place is ideal for everybody and all disciplines of park riding, but it is especially ideal for all you ramp shredders out there who are family guys. With the beach, pools  and park etc all so close to each other and the hotel the family unit can have a handy resort style holiday and daddy can still go get his session on.

Now getting back to the build.

As the VansRebel Jam was being hosted here this year the pressure was on to get it done.

This was pretty much our view during our lunch sessions.

Axel had this place up and running for the past 2 years or so. What was done this year was to add another 40% to the already existing ramp park, modifying and building a bunch of extra stuff in the street course. Work the trails and in time a bigger foam pit and Resi ramp will be installed in the coming months.

The wrap around hills was such a breath of fresh air when out here working this place. Normally its 4 walls and a roof or a park surrounded by an urban landscape. The sense of tranquility here while riding and hanging out with your friends is amazing.

A lot of great lines in this park and the stuff is big!

Check out that sky and all that green.

This place has some really interesting sections in it and rides like a dream.

It got a bit late one of the nights.

This is pretty much the view from where you start the trails.. look left and you see this.

Look right and you start rolling down into this below.

All down hill style to start out with. A lot of lefts and rights then pop down into a bomber and up to a

big stepped up lefty hip.

which is followed by a downhill hip to the right straight into a left berm and on to this right hip below

and finishing out with 2 sets of straight jumps into finally a big quarter.

Everything is real close here, look where the bungalows are to the trails, which is all right next to the parks.

small pump track also for the kids.

All I can say is that this place is on my holiday calendar every year from now on both family and friend holidays.

Check the links below for all the footage from the 2012 Vans Rebel Jam contest, held here last weekend and go check out Club Eurocamp on Facebook to book a trip.